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1 March 25, 2018

Articles and Statements

1. Georgi Gluhchev, Dimitar Mehandjiev, Ignat Ignatov, Stoil Karadzhov, Yuliana Pesheva, Atanas Atanasov
Water Electrolysis-Processes in Catholyte and Anolyte Results with Differential Non-Equilibrium Water Spectrum

European Journal of Medicine, 2018, 6(1): 3-12.
DOI: 10.13187/ejm.2018.1.3CrossRef

A two stage model of the physicochemical processes at the electrolysis of pure water is proposed. The presence of nascent hydrogen in the catholyte and nascent oxygen in the anolyte during the first stage explains the antioxidant properties of the catholyte and the strong biocidal action of the anolyte. In the second stage the nascent hydrogen and oxygen are combined into hydrogen and oxygen molecules, respectively. The comparison between their average energies with the average energy of the control sample of water shows an increase in the average energy of the catholyte and decrease in the average energy of the anolyte. This indicates that some changes in the structure of the activated water have occurred. There are results with method of Differential Non-equilibrium Water Spectrum (DNES) for alteration of energy of hydrogen bonds in catholyte and anolyte according control sample of water.

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2. Yuni Handayani Gusmira, Lily Irsa, Bidasari Lubis, Rita Evalina, Mahrani Lubis
Correlation between Lead Serum Level and Total Immunoglobulin E(Ige) Level in School-Aged Children

European Journal of Medicine, 2018, 6(1): 13-19.
DOI: 10.13187/ejm.2018.1.13CrossRef

Correlation between lead serum level and total Immunoglobulin E (IgE) level in school-aged children. Gusmira Y.H., Irsa, L., Lubis, B., Evalina, R., Lubis, M. Lead poisoning may cause various health problems including immune system. Research objective is to determine the correlation between serum lead levels with total IgE level in school-aged children. A cross sectional study had been conducted in Juli 2015 to children aged 9-12 years old in an elementary school industrial area with lead exposure, Medan, Sumatera Utara. Children with atopy and worm infection were excluded. Lead serum level and total immunoglobulin E level were obtained. Data analysis to see correlation between blood lead level and total IgE level was used Pearson correlation test (r) if normal data distribution and Spearman test if abnormal data distribution with significance level P <0.05. From 42 subjects, 27 were boys and 15 girls, the mean age was 10.3 year (SD 1.09), 18 subjects with medium risk of allergic. The mean serum lead level was 2.57 μg/dL (SD 0.58, 95 %CI 2.42-2.74), the mean IgE total level was 1155 IU/L (SD 3340, 95%CI114.43-2196.22). From the Spearman test we obtained r= 0.023, p=0.887. It can be concluded that here was an increase in total IgE levels and blood lead levels but statistically no correlation between lead serum level and total IgE level among school aged children.

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3. Ignat Ignatov, Yuliana Pesheva
VITA Intense – Product with Negative Oxidation-reduction Potential (ORP) as Important Quality for Antioxidant and Inhibition Growth of Tumor Cells Effects. Anti Aging Effects

European Journal of Medicine, 2018, 6(1): 20-42.
DOI: 10.13187/ejm.2018.1.20CrossRef

We studied the mathematical model of interaction with water VITA intense of LavaVitae company (Austria). In this report are submitted data about the interaction of VITA intense with water, obtained by non-equilibrium (NES) and differential-equilibrium energy spectrum (DNES) of water. The average energy (ΔEH... O) of hydrogen Н…O-bonds among individual molecules H2O after treatment of VITA intense with water measured by NES- and DNES-methods is ΔE=-0.0136±0.0011 eV for VITA intense. This result suggests the restructuring of ΔEH... O values among H2O molecules with a statistically reliable increase of local extremums in DNES-spectra. The research is performed for VITA intense, with study of pH and oxidative reduction potential (ORP). There is review of the effects of the chemical composition of VITA intense – anti-inflammatory, antioxidant etc. With methods NES we show the following effects – relaxing effect of nervous system, anti-inflammatory and inhibition of tumor cells. As results of these effects VITA intense has anti aging influence. The base of this influence is anti-inflammatory effect. This article deals with the review of the basic biophysical-biochemical and biological processes underlying the VITA intense. The author is studying their physical-chemical properties and biophysical and biological effects on human organism. Additionally, by using IR, NES, and DNES methods are investigated various samples of water from Bulgarian water springs: the melt water from Glacier Rosenlaui, Swiss Alps, as well as the human blood serum of people with excellent health and cancer patients between 50 and 70 years old. Other experiments were performed on a 1 % (v/v) solution of VITA intense in deionized water. As an estimation factor in NES and DNES was measured the values of the average energy of hydrogen bonds (ΔEH...O) among H2O molecules in water samples, as well as a local extremums in the NES and DNES-spectra of various samples of water and the human blood serum at E = -0.1387 eV and λ = 8.95 μm. For a group of people in critical condition of life and patients with malignant tumors the greatest values of local extremums in IR-, DNES-spectra were shifted to lower energies relative to the control healthy group. Further we applied this method for calculation of percent distribution of H2O molecules in all studied water samples according to energies of hydrogen bonds ranged from (-0.08 to -0.1387 eV). It was shown that mountain water is among the most important factors for human longevity and human health. The variety of ions (K+, Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Mn2+, Fe2+, Fe3+, Zn2+, SO42-, Cl-, HCO3-, CO32-), the chemical-physical parameters (pH, electroconductivity) and the decreased content of deuterium in studied water samples renders beneficial effects of these types of water on human health. We are applying the conclusions for the effects of mountain water on human health and longevity as base for the conclusion on the effects of VITA intense. The base is also the results with methods NES and DNES on human serum and expected effects from VITA intense. VITA intense has negative oxidative reduction potential (ORP) and this is special property of this product for antioxidant effects again free radicals.

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4. Todor Marinov, Nezabravka Gencheva, Mariana Angelcheva, Ignat Ignatov, Diana Stefanova, Yuliana Pesheva
Aikido Game Activities as Stimulation Factor for a Proper Behavior in Conflict Situations

European Journal of Medicine, 2018, 6(1): 43-51.
DOI: 10.13187/ejm.2018.1.43CrossRef

The conflicts between different personalities offer contradictions, division of opinions and clashes between people. In a field like sport activity the trainers should be able to identify the motives for the conflicts that burst out among the sportsmen and the methods to overcome them. The goal of the study is to prove the positive influence of the physical activity demonstrated in the aikido game over the ways in which one may react in case of conflict situation. The respondent group consists, generally, of 64 youngsters aged from 18 to 24, divided in to two groups: Control group of 24 young people who do not practice sport; and Experimental group of 40 young people that are actively practicing aikido in various clubs in this country. We applied the approved Ken Thomas ‘Test (Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument) (Thomas, 1977). We used some given keys to determine the five instruments for reaction to conflict situations: 1) Competing; 2) Collaborating; 3) Compromising; 4) Avoiding; and 5) Accommodating. The analysis made is defining some generalizations: the young people practicing aikido have more harmonious structure of the tactics configuration to be used as a response to conflict situations in comparison to the group of non-involved in sport their peers. They are inclined to cooperation, adaptation and reasonable compromise in such environment. Competition and avoidance are not preferable techniques to resolve conflicts. In the same time non-involved in sport activities young people are governed by attitudes for competiveness; sometimes their behavior and motives are commanded by the will to make compromise and the desire to avoid conflicts to which it is difficult to adapt. The youngsters with higher physical aikido activities improve their will and tenacity; they are striving to achieve the goals and to assume definite responsibilities. The research of Ignatov with long living people and centenarians shows how physiological status is important for healthy life and adaptations after conflicts again stress (Ignatov et al., 2014). For that the sport is useful for young people.

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5. А.М. Ungurian, М.V. Dikal, K.A. Irynchina
Polarimetry and Spectral Methods in Prediction of Children Disease after Adhesive Peritonitis

European Journal of Medicine, 2018, 6(1): 52-58.
DOI: 10.13187/ejm.2018.1.52CrossRef

The aim of the study was to establish objective parameters of the field of laser and incoherent radiation of different spectral ranges (UV, visible, IR) as a non-invasive optical method of interaction with different samples of biological tissues and fluids of patients to determine the dynamics of peritonitis and choosing the best personal treatment. The objects of study were selected venous blood plasma of children and rats, histological sections of rat intestine in the postoperative period. As diagnostic methods have been used ultraviolet spectrometry samples of blood plasma in the liquid state, infrared spectroscopy middle range (2.5–25 microns) dry residue of plasma polarization and laser diagnostic technique of thin histological sections of biological tissues.

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